Parents of school-age children:

Did you know Maker Kids Club runs privately as well as in schools?

You can order it right now. It’s fun AND educational. It will keep them occupied during the holidays slash ‘distance learning’ times.

And it doesn’t require much supervision from you (bonus!)

Investment: $49 per household (including taxes)

We’ll guide your child through starting and running their own successful micro-business so they can earn money doing something they enjoy.

At the same time, they’ll earn essential enterprise skills like money management, commercial awareness and problem solving that will help them get into paid work when they finish studying. But you don’t have to tell them that bit 😉

You might be wondering…

…What kinds of businesses do they create?

Anything they like!

They can sell products like bookmarks, lemonade, gratitude journals, clothing, protein balls, stress balls, jewellery, candles, slime, music, soap.

They can sell services like dog walking, bin washing, mowing, weeding, babysitting, car cleaning, tutoring.

For inspiration, here’s some of our private kidpreneur members (click on the business names to read more about them):

Mosey on Magic: Georgia (9) and Riley (10) make Harry Potter themed wands.

Green Leaf Co: Jake (9) sells succulents and other plants he grows from cuttings and seeds.

Little Bursts of Happiness: Stella (11) makes affirmation cards and gratitude journals especially for kids.

Beauty from Ash’s Products: Ashleya (10) made lip balm from olive oil and beeswax.

Emma’s Soda Stand: Emma (7) made lemonade syrup, adding ice and soda on market days at her stand, a converted sewing table.

…What’s included in the course?

Our course is online, so your child can access it anywhere there’s internet, 24/7 (well… whenever you let them use the internet!)

Inside the course you’ll find:

14 lessons that follow our Success Path (as shown).

Each lesson includes a video with closed captions, a transcript for those who prefer to read, and a one-page worksheet for your child to complete as they build their business.

Outside the course, you’ll have access to our Members Only Facebook Group, where you can ask for help, share wins and get support from your fellow members.

You’ll also have access to support from the Maker Kids Club team. You can send us questions via email, and we’ll either answer them if we have the relevant information, or direct you to the best place to find your answer.

…How much does it cost?

Your one-off investment is A$49 (including taxes) for 12 months access to the course in one household (i.e. on up to 3 unique devices).

There are no ongoing charges, as this is not a subscription.

The full course is available as soon as you purchase and complete your registration. It takes around 14 hours to complete the 14 lessons, including watching the video and applying the content covered.

Buy the course for your child here:

For those who prefer video, here’s a quick one from Lacey explaining what private membership entails:

Register for Maker Kids Club @ Home

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AUD 49.00

Register for Maker Kids Club @ Home

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AUD 49.00